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Inlet Vacuum Pump Filters

Oil Mist Eliminators for the removal of mist, vapor and smoke from Vacuum Pumps, Crankcases, Turbines and Reciprocating Engines.

Vacuum Pump Discharge Eliminators: L-Style

HDL Series: These heavy duty "L" style oil mist eliminators are designed for the discharge of vacuum pumps. They capture oil fog, mist or smoke from the discharge of oil flooded pumps

Mist Eliminators w/Relief Valve for Vacuum Pumps

EE Series: Designed for the laboratory and medical vacuum pumps, this compact oil mist eliminator has a back pressure relief valve to release the coalescing element for pump safety.

Vacuum Pump Separator Tanks

ATS Series: The complete separator package for vacuum pumps and vacuum pumping modules. It connects directly to the discharge of an oil sealed vacuum pump without the need for any other separator hardware.

Compact Eliminators for Small Vacuum Pumps

EF Series: Designed for the laboratory and medical vacuum pumps. This compact oil mist eliminator captures oil fog, mist or smoke from the discharge of vacuum pumps.

Oil Mist Eliminators: Power Gen

BAE Series: Solbergs's oil mist eliminators are designed to prevent seal leakage, eliminate oil mist emissions and reduce oil consumption. These units also protect your gearbox, crankcase or oil lubrication system by eliminating pressure build-up in the system. These designs are commonly used on lubricating oil systems for high-speed rotating equipment, like gas turbines, steam turbines, turbo compressors, reciprocating engines and gearboxes. Comply with the latest RICE NESHAP Emission Standards.

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